This Blog: Purpose, Structure, Bio Bits

By Emily Eisenlohr | June 3, 2022

THE BLOG The Blog Construction Click on the CATEGORIES section on the righthand side. Find the topic of interest to you. Sorry. No comments section or way to email me. It’s not that I don’t care or am arrogant. They would present too many technical demands for this blog, given my limitations. Purpose 1. To…

Roe v Wade: A Letter to Chief Justice Roberts on Legal Issues

By Emily Eisenlohr | June 3, 2022

There are aspects regarding Roe v Wade that are legal and not included in Justice Alito’s draft. I wrote to Chief Justice Roberts and the other Justices in a lengthy letter. Justice Alito’s draft had 66 pages of argument, so actually mine is short. The link below is the full letter. Share it as you…

The U.S. Debt Burden: $30 Trillion-Plus Converted to Per Person

By Emily Eisenlohr | June 3, 2022

Most folks really couldn’t absorb what $20 trillion of U.S. debt meant in the 2016 Presidential election cycle. I’d venture over $30 trillion now really doesn’t feel different. It’s still huge. But that’s just one word. “Huge”. I thought it would be more useful to see what the amount we owe as a nation is…

Social Security: Restructure, Not Eliminate

By Emily Eisenlohr | June 3, 2022

Do you assume that Social Security will “be there for you” because you paid into it over your working life?  Would you rather be somewhat prepared or totally surprised if that didn’t come to pass once you retire? Here are key observations about Social Security that will help you better understand the program and prepare…

Civil Rights and Civic Responsibility

By Emily Eisenlohr | June 3, 2022

Finding balance between competing political and economic forces and ideas is the biggest challenged facing our democracy and is the theme of this blog. The balance between civil rights and responsibilities wasn’t as big an issue at our nation’s founding as it is now. There was less need for a Bill of Responsibilities back in…


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