The Morgan Stanley Puzzle

By Emily Eisenlohr | June 15, 2012

Grab your jackhammers. Let’s do some drilling. The Federal Reserve’s behavior towards Morgan Stanley is puzzling. How much of the puzzle is Morgan Stanley’s own doing, and how much is the Fed’s?

Exchange Risk: MF Global, Morgan Stanley and Basel IV

By Emily Eisenlohr | June 15, 2012

It’s their money or the taxpayers’. A global battle. Since the biggest banks remain Too Big To Fail, the only tool protecting taxpayers from bailout duty is bank capital.  Jamie Dimon believes this, too, and he runs the largest bank.

They Can Do the Math, and You Can’t

By Emily Eisenlohr | May 30, 2012

Battles rage between shareholder money and taxpayer money in the arena of Too Big To Fail bank capital ratios. The biggest banks make capital dodging an artform. Big bank credit rating downgrades are likely to continue and will make demands on bank capital. Taxpayers should be concerned about the adequacy of capital, as captured in…

Smothers Brothers — Fed-Style

By Emily Eisenlohr | May 30, 2012

“Mom always liked you best!” Now Morgan Stanley knows how Tommy Smothers felt. The Fed is playing favorites with our biggest banks. An article by Tom Braithwaite, Tracy Alloway and Shahien Nasiripour in today’s Financial Times described the implications of Federal Reserve actions and a potential ratings downgrade on the bank holding company’s regulatory capital.

Unwitting and Unwilling Investors

By Emily Eisenlohr | May 29, 2012

Friends of ours sold their house and went to Charles Schwab to invest the proceeds until they found a retirement home in a warmer climate. They told the sales representative that they wanted to invest their funds in a money market fund since they may need their equity quickly. Told they could get a little more yield for…


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