Fact and Fiction Behind Too Big to Fail

Over-the-Counter Underground Derivatives

Gretchen Morgenson’s description last week of just a few of the ways Timothy Geithner protected the largest banks rather than the nation’s financial system concluded with the former Treasury Secretary blocking a bill to limit the size of deposit-taking banks. (Banks, at Least, Had A Friend in Geithner) By this action Secretary Geithner was protecting the biggest banks…

It’s a Charade

The U.S. government’s lawsuit against credit rating agency S&P hit many as it did me. It may have plenty of merit, but it appears to play a larger role in a huge, bipartisan charade. Our most powerful government officials would have the public believe that systemic risk has been vastly reduced. That isn’t true. They would…

Bailing Out Promises

“No more bailouts!” That’s the latest campaign promise from both presidential candidates. Congressmen have claimed that regularly, too. But bailouts of the biggest banks continue. What they are bailing out may surprise you. In Congressional hearings the biggest banks want us to believe they are like the little savings and loan portrayed in the movie It’s a…

Banks? Heck, No! They’re Great Big Hedge Funds!!!

Paul Volcker knows something you don’t know and that Congressmen don’t want to know. The biggest banks have become massive collectors of hedge funds and other alternative private investment vehicles, hidden behind a facade of traditional banking. To understand this is to understand a major reason why Paul Volcker proposed the Volcker Rule. The largest banks are no longer about traditional…

Exchange Risk: MF Global, Morgan Stanley and Basel IV

It’s their money or the taxpayers’. A global battle. Since the biggest banks remain Too Big To Fail, the only tool protecting taxpayers from bailout duty is bank capital.  Jamie Dimon believes this, too, and he runs the largest bank.

Fairy Tale Capitalism: Fact and Fiction Behind Too Big to Fail

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Was the mortgage debacle the sole cause of the financial bubble's collapse? Do you believe those who say the elimination of Glass-Steagall barriers didn't contribute to its building? Fairy Tale Capitalism: Fact and Fiction Behind Too Big To Fail places the mortgage mess into a broader perspective. It explains how the Federal deposit guarantee was married to investment banking's trading intensity, why the Fed had no choice but to bail out the biggest banks and how derivatives played a poorly-understood, but equally important role in the crisis. In simple terms Emily Eisenlohr walks with those who live on Main Street down Wall Street's darker alleys.

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